The goal of this website is to describe all the species of tree, shrub and vine in the Glebe (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). The identification of urban species can be difficult. In addition to native trees, there are species planted that are not found in the countryside. Some are uncommon ornamentals. I have long been interested in the plants found in the countryside around Ottawa and at our cottage in Quebec. It is only in the last few years that I have made a concerted effort to identify and describe trees and shrubs found in the city. The Glebe, where I live, is a well-treed neighbourhood close to the centre of the city. It includes some small bodies of water. It is an area small enough to make such a project manageable, yet probably contains most of the species found in the city as a whole. It would be a great help if others in the neighbourhood joined in this project. If there are trees or shrubs you are aware of that have been missed, please let me know. Corrections are welcome. My email address is on the home page. Peter Teitelbaum